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May 4, 2014 / hirethehandthatdraws

21 dergrees, Iceberg’s opening day.

21 dergrees, Iceberg’s opening day..

April 10, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

the gardenblog is animated….

the garden grows with the sounds produced by Ian Cuthbertson.he adapted songs from his Album Fathom  to give the garden a dreamy atmosphere.100 limited edition prints of the final drawing are for sale on request at

CONVERSATIONS WITH NATURE  is opening on Tuesday12th April at  NG ART GALLERY, 3 Little Queen Street, Chippendale, Sydney and it comprises of 25 paintings, ceramic pots , huge tinfoil chandeleer 3 big charcoal drawings ,lets not forget the blog garden to be projected up on a big screen.

It should be fun. Thanks for your suggestions for this garden, and stay tuned we will grow something more soon.

March 23, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

The Monstera deliciosa creates havoc in our quiet little paradise…


the monstera grew and all hell broke loose in our garden.



March 23, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

The garden is filling up with all the ideas that came in by Sunday.and some that were forgotten too…


Duck in hammock, cross, sink, little dog weeing, ying and yang symbol and of course....zombie grubs, they all made it into our fertile creation.



March 22, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

the gnome got kissed by those amorous flowers


the gnome found more love in the garden...



March 21, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

Ratty found a chillie eating fat labrador to help him hunt the mouse down in our garden…


ratty and friend keeping guard over our garden...



March 21, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

the fish pond popped up when the dragonflies flew in…..


funny how the fish pond appeared when the dragonflies flew in?



March 21, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

A special chair and the gem flowers are growing in our garden…


'Intoo'chair to sit on and the gem flowers are growing rapidly. chair is in the garden and the gems are going feral. stay tuned things are really growing today.


March 19, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

only ONE MORE DAY to give me your new sugestions…..I will be producing 100 limited addition prints and they will be on show at NG ART GALLERY on April the 12th….there’s 8 more things to go into our garden, so make sure that you get your idea in…Happy gardening!

March 17, 2011 / hirethehandthatdraws

the owl flew into our garden

the owl has landed on the spuds

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